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SecurAccess uses your mobile device to authenticate.
Mobile phone based tokenless® Two Factor Authentication
for VPN, SSL, Remote Desktop, WiFi, Web Portals, Laptop
Encryption and Other Solutions. The modern alternative to
physical fobs/tokens.

100% Successful SMS Passcode Delivery

The key strategy for successful use of SMS for delivering
passcodes is resolving intermittent network coverage and
SMS delivery delays.

Choice is key. SecurAccess’ patented methods resolve these
issues by utilising:
  • Pre-loaded one time passcodes
  • Three pre-loaded one time passcodes within each
  • Reusable passcodes that change each day or multiple

Other Delivery Options
  • Real Time SMS Passcodes sent on-demand and
    session locked
  • Passcodes can be sent via secure email
  • Soft Token Apps
  • Voice Call with passcodes entered in the phones
    keypad to session lock the voice network with the

Self Help Desk

A self help web interface is included to allow users to request
temporary passcodes should they lose their phone

End user experience

Good security shouldn’t add complexity, SecurAccess is
designed to keep authentication as easy as possible by:
  • Reusing the existing Microsoft (or other directory)
  • Dynamically updating the previous SMS message; no
    need to delete old text messages (pre_loaded and day
  • Flashing the message directly to the main screen (real
    time codes)

Soft Token Apps
  • Ideal for smart device users.
  • Complimentary to SMS based authentication
  • Allow the end use the freedom to choose between
    SMS based authentication or a Soft Token application
    and switch between them.

SecurPassword uses your mobile device to authenticate.
Tokenless two factor authentication to enable self-service
password reset.

With our growing reliance on IT, the number and complexity
of passwords per user becomes a serious overhead.
Typically when the password is required to be changed, your
IT helpdesk is overwhelmed with confused users, who may
have locked themselves out of the network. Here is a whole
new revolutionary approach to password security.

Two-Factor Authentication meets Self Help Password

Expecatations on the user to regularly change their password
to something complex is giving rise to an already busy

When a user forgets a password the helpdesk must not only
assist in its change but also in identifying the user is who
they say they are!

Allowing the user to take control is providing the end user to
reset their own password with a two factor authentication
experience, making the problem easily resolved and fast to

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