Our Differentiators

More than any other
factor, it is the quality
of IT Webster’s
people --- their
character, philosophy
and style --- that most
distinguishes our

We are grounded and
IT Webster Limited, a Hong Kong headquartered information
technology company, focus on performing value added distribution
across Asia Pacific markets for emerging information technology

The company has been in operation since 2002.  Our people come
from a variety of IT solutions background and with very rich experience
in managing business and developing Asian markets on critical
enterprise solutions especially in areas of IT security, IT infrastructure
management, networking, human capital management and payment

Besides, each team member has also been at the forefront of selling
or supporting information technology solutions for over 15 years.  On
top of that, most of them bring to IT Webster with at least several years
working experience in leading multinational IT solution vendors or
systems integrators, which include S2 System, OpenWave (Software.
com), Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft, Tandem, Unisys, NCR, Computer
Associates, Baan, Saba, etc.

Most importantly, our solid years of channel partner management
experience and regionally spread team members over Asia Pacific
countries would definitely bring to our partnered emerging vendors a
ready and managed reseller and systems integrator network, which
could allow them to realize market penetration results in a much more
faster and cost effective fashion.

How IT Webster Position Itself?

We position businesses in the evolving market place.  We help bring
emerging information technology vendors' solutions work for our
customers, giving them the edge over their competitors.

We know about the marketplace and business cultures across Asia
Pacific regions.  We understand the power that technology, correctly
applied, can have redefining opportunities for our customers.

Our Commitment

“What we say is what we do.”

We aim to build our reputation as a leading marketer and value added
product distributor in evolving IT market place in the Asia Pacific
region, helping our partnered emerging vendors to establish their
markets more quickly and, at the same time helping customers to
meet their business goals.
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