Partners & Solutions
IT Webster Limited
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IT Webster has been performing Value Added Distribution
on products and providing solutions on IT security, enterprise
digital right management, data loss prevention and IT
infrastructure management.  Currently we have been
primarily working partnership with the following emerging
vendors and market and support their innovative products to
meet our end-customers' critical business needs.

Besides, we provide selective complementary solutions like  
password recovery and forensic solutions from world-class
innovative and renowned technology vendors.

Please click on one of the following partners' logos to get the
concerned solution information.  Or our channel partners and
end-customers are welcome to discuss with us on your
specific security requirements.
AirZip FileSECURE, offers one of the
most effective security solutions for
preventing unauthorized access to your
confidential documents, engineering
drawings and other electronic files

Becrypt’s encryption and cybersecurity
solutions are available on the widest
range of PCs, laptops, tablets and
mobile form factors. Becrypt solutions
encrypt data at rest and while on the

CoSoSys Endpoint Protector,
offers powerful Device Control, Enforce
Encryption, Content Aware Protection
and Mobile Device Management to meet
the highest data loss prevention
requirements from enterprise and
government customers

DataMotion offers a suite of services
on a single platform to secure, track and
automate your data in motion. All built
upon DataMotion's cloud-enabled
Intelligent Information Transport
platform, DataMotion’s offerings are
designed to integrate seamlessly with
one another while leveraging your
existing messaging infrastructure

ElcomSoft, Password Recovery,
System & Security tools for recoving
passwords, security audit and forensic

KoolSpan's TrustCall provides
security and privacy by encrypting phone
calls and messages on Android, iPhone
and BlackBerry

Netilla OS role based access and
comprehensive security features built
into its very core have allowed our
customers to keep their users mobile
and secure during smart mobile device

SecuDrive's products supply
customers with secure USB flash drives,
confidential data theft protection,
unauthorized copy protection, peripheral
device control, screen capture prevention
and file server protection

SecurEnvoy invented the tokenless
market with its innovation of an SMS
ready solution for remote authentication.
Elements of its delivery were patented,
namely pre-loading, to alleviate delays
and signal issues and to make
tokenless business grade

Ultra Electronics AEP Networks'
Ultra Protect
products are purpose
built to enable business users to
securely access corporate resources,
whether on a LAN or in a Cloud,  from a
multitude of end user devices such as
Tablets, Smart Phones, PCs or Thin