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SECUDRIVE security products and security systems,
corporate information security and content security
mechanisms were enhanced in our corporation’s technology.
For corporate and government customers, secure USB flash
drives, copy protected USB flash drives, data erasure
products, file server security solutions are provided for data
leakage prevention. For contents publishers, USB flash
drives with copy protection solutions are being provided to
protect their service contents, through the copyright system.

SECUDRIVE USB flash drives have an embedded AES 256-
bit crypto chip to automatically encrypt the confidential data
when stored into the USB flash drive. By using the H/W
encryption method the USB flash drives have a higher level
of security than those using an S/W encryption method due
to the location of where the encryption key is stored. The
H/W encryption method has its encryption key stored inside
the chip, thus, preventing the exposure of the encryption key.
Knowing that SECUDRIVE uses the AES 256-bit crypto chip
to encrypt all of your confidential data safely into the USB
flash drive, you can now enjoy, the reassurance needed to
safely secure your data.

Data leakage occurs most often when a file is shared with
another person using a USB flash drive that does not have
any integrated security. SECUDRIVE USBs have the system
to allow the user to edit, copy and paste, and save
documents within the USB drive, but prevents the transferring
of the documents out of the USB stick. The SECUDRIVE
USBs not only block the action of duplicating the documents
out of the device but also prevent the emailing, printing, and
screen capturing of the document in the USB flash drive.

SECUDRIVE USB Management programs allow the
administrator to set a valid period or login count of the USB
flash drive, DRM (copy protection), and other security
policies. Even when you lost your password, the data stored
in the USB drive can be restored. Also, the administrator can
control operation of the USB flash drive inside and outside of
the office by policy. Logging USB flash drive usage both
online and offline will enhance management as well as
security audit for the device.

SECUDRIVE File Server is able to block the user from
copying documents in the shared folder of the file server to
the Local PC or an external hard drive, as well as blocking
any attempts of sending the shared documents through an e-
mail attachment or messenger applications. The document
uploaded on the file server can only be updated, saved,
copied and pasted, and moved, within the file server. The
user can upload a file from the PC to the file server but not
vice versa. SECUDRIVE File Server prevents unauthorized
screen capture and printing. Watermark printing is available.

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