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Becrypt offers a range of technologies that can provide the
security and flexibility to support remote working.
allows staff to work securely from a PC with a network
connection, transforming an unmanaged machine into a
secure access point.

Trusted Client creates a secure environment on the host
PC where the hard drive is never accessed. The hard drive is
bypassed so that no data can be leaked and no malware
infect the network. In addition, any data that saved to Trusted
Client is automatically encrypted, or it can be configured so
that no data can be saved.

Since Trusted Client can be managed centrally, individual
devices can be repudiated remotely should they be lost or
stolen – providing a robust, low cost solution that minimizes
IT overheads.

DISK Protect is a full disk encryption software solution that
gives you complete peace of mind that the data held on
laptops and PCs is fully protected in the event of loss or
theft. Full disk encryption happens transparently, the hard
drive is encrypted with no impact on performance.
Unauthorised access is prevented by strong user
authentication. Even if the PC is disposed of, and specialist
recovery tools are used to recover the data, full disk
encryption insures data remains safe. DISK Protect not just
full disk encryption but can also encrypt the data on
removable media such as Firewire, USB devices, SD cards,
other mass storage devices, and local disks.

Connect Protect controls the use of all “plug and play”
devices and other removable media, enabling an
organisation to enforce a usage policy, preventing data
leakage. It prevents unauthorised devices from connecting to
the network; it can restrict usage to approved devices only. In
addition, Connect Protect provides a full audit trail to track
device usage and highlight denied and authorised

Becrypt's Enterprise Security Platform provides solutions
that simplify security and management by consolidating,
normalising and analysing data from the IT infrastructure.
With this approach, endpoints across the enterprise can be
secured remotely and fast, reducing administration and
increasing visibility.

Becrypt Enterprise Manager manages the entire
Enterprise Security Platform and enables the sharing and
deploying of security technologies across the organisation.

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