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Netilla OS role based access and comprehensive security
features built into its very core have allowed our customers to
keep their users mobile and secure during smart mobile
device revolution.

Device freedom (BYOD) gets the most out of your team
keeping them productive and proficient on technology whilst
reducing your IT spend. This win-win however needs
management and that leads to the question of managing
devices, user access and data.

Why manage devices the user ultimately owns?

There's no need to: Netilla OS manages access via
comprehensive user and policy access controls for both
applications and data leaving the device management to the
owner/user. No data leaves the security of the data
center/cloud out to these devices. Access is governed by
numerous integrity checks matched to role-based user policy
access that simplifies mobility computing offering new levels
of efficiency.

BYOD benefits are limited for business without the right tools.
Netilla OS as your toolbox offers managed access of users,
applications and data minus the hassles of device
management. Users benefit from the browser interface, after
intuitive controls and rapid rollout. Equip your users not only
with device freedom but with the power to do more, quicker
than before, no matter where they happen to be.

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